How to write a personal statement to get on a nursing course

Just finished a new article on that should help out any aspiring student nurses with their personal statement and application.

Writing a personal statement that’s tailored to getting you an interview for a place on a nursing course can be quite tricky. Especially if you have no experience and have never worked in healthcare before. But that’s where we can help. This article will help you turn skills and experience not acquired in healthcare into qualities that are not only relevant for nursing, they are essential.

Any experience that has helped you gain communication, interpersonal or organisational skills is important, just is any care experience you have from your family or friends. In lots of cases people are inspired for apply for nursing courses on the back of experiences they’ve had with their parents, grandparents or children.

You can read the whole article here for a step by step guide towriting a personal statement for a nursing course application.


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